Best Straight Human Hair Wig of 2021 - Complete Reviews with Comparison

Best Straight Human Hair Wig of 2021 - Complete Reviews with Comparison

Sometimes you just need a little change in your look. One of the ways many women do this is by investing in a nice wig collection. But there are so many different types of wigs and materials that they are made of that it may be challenging to find the right option for you.

No matter if you're looking for a short bob or a simple long straight lace front wig, there are going to still be a wide range of choices available to you. For those looking for a wig that is crafted with human hair, the options below are some of the best available on the market today.

Straight Human Hair Wig Reviews

Short Bob

The first wig on the list is a lace front option crafted in a straight short bob. This wig is designed with virgin human hair that will give you a fresh style.


The wig is, as said above, crafted with virgin human hair and designed with a lace front design. The short black bob offers a natural color that has a lot of great features to it. The wig itself is available in links between 10" and 14". The soft, healthy, and thick wig offers a natural hairline and is easy to come to. The cut itself is done in a classical way and is perfect for those looking for a nice short hairdo.

When it comes to this wig, there are a lot of great features that will optimize its usability. First off, because of the construction and the materials used, this wig offers no shedding and is tangle-free. On top of this, if the wearer wants a different shade or color, the wig itself is easy to bleach and even restyle. Overall this wig gives a thick and soft look which provides it with a healthier appearance. There is also no worry about combing and styling because of the smoothness of the hair. This, too, is simple.

Unfortunately, for someone who is looking for a short bob but wants a little more length, this wig is only available in three options. So if you're looking for a little bit of a longer bob, you will need to look at another wig option.


Wig offers no shedding and is tangle-free

Can easily be bleached and restyled

Designed to be thick and soft for a healthier look

The product is easy to comb and style


Wig only comes in three lengths

Long Straight

If you want to emulate Beyoncé, then you might be interested in the next wig as it is a long, straight, and simple cut with an ombre coloring. This is perfect for pulling together a look for a first date or even going out for an evening with the girls.


This lace front wig is designed with a classic straight cut with an ombre coloring. Using a brown honey blonde to create dimension and interest, this lace front human hair wig is crafted with virgin human hair. This provides the wig with the ability to be styled and dyed easier. Along with this, the thick and soft wig is tangle-free and will not shed. The wig gives those who wear it a natural hairline, and thanks to the high-quality hair used, it will make it easy to maintain over a long period of time.

There is a lot that can be said about this particular wig. The classic style gives the owner a lot of options when it comes to styling. This is partly because of the cut and also partly because of the length that is available to choose from. You can easily curl the hair or even trim it if you want it to be a little more your style. In order to make sure that it isn't obvious you're wearing a wig, the design of the product is crafted so that there is a natural-looking hairline.

Just because there is a lot to love about this wig doesn't mean that it is perfect. In fact, the wig only comes in two types: a 5x5 and a 13x4, which isn't a lot of choice.


The wig is a good length to experiment with different types of styling

Wearer can trim and dye the wig easily because of the use of human hair

Crafted to give the user a natural-looking hairline

Comes in a wide range of hair lengths for more versatility


Wig only comes in two types which will limit the versatility of use

Honey Blond Short Bob

If you like a short cut but want a different shade than your natural hair color, this honey short blonde bob might just be the right option for you.


This wig is another option of the classic bob crafted with a lace front and designed in virgin human hair weave. The use of this type of weave allows for a natural-looking healthy head of hair with a perfectly natural hairline. Along with this, the use of this hair allows for the wig to be easily combed as well as styled and dyed if so desired. The overall design is a 4x4 wig that is perfect for someone who wants to have a little fun with a shorter hairstyle.

The classic bob is a nice hairstyle that can be fun during the summer months or for a little sassy night out on the town. Using high-quality materials affords this wig a life-like appearance and gives the wearer a full, thick head of hair to play with.

This thick hair is perfect for styling in several different ways, and doing so is relatively easy because of the premium-grade hair used in its construction. The wearer will also not have to worry about hair falling out of the wig and shedding all over their clothes. Though there may be some, the amount is minimal and easily maintained. Along with this, the hair itself won't tangle, and so it is easy to comb through to freshen up your hairdo whenever you need to.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues that may cause some to reconsider making this their final wig choice. The wig is only available in three lengths and only comes in the 4x4 lace closure, which may not work for your needs.


It is designed to give the wearer a classic short bob

Crafted with high-quality materials that gives it a healthy and thick look

No need to worry about shedding as this wig does it minimally

Easy to comb through due to the no-tangle design


Wig only comes in three lengths and one type of closure

Platinum Blonde Long Straight

Blondes have more fun, right? If you are someone who prescribes to that motto, then this platinum blonde straight wig is a good find for you.


Like all the wigs looked at, this wig is designed with a virgin human hair weave, which means that there is minimal shedding and it is easily maintained. With a more natural look, the wigs crafted with this type of material also make styling and changing the color of the wig easier. Having a healthy and thick head of hair with this wonderfully straight-styled natural hairline will give the wearer a sense of confidence like no other.

Because this wig is crafted with that high-quality virgin human hair, maintenance of the piece is very simple and will take little to no time. Along with this, the user is afforded a wig that is easy to style and can be changed up whenever they choose.

Having a wig crafted with natural human hair allows the wearer the ability to have everyone think that it is their actual hair. In fact, no one will know unless they tell them. There is also a wide range of lengths when it comes to selection, and this gives the potential to wear even more options to choose from.

Though there is a lot about this wig and its design that stands out amongst the crowd, there is also one major issue. For those working with a tight budget, choosing this platinum blonde long straight wig might not be an excellent choice. The price point attached to it is well worth the value you get, but if you don't have the funds, there are other options that may work out better for you.


No need to worry about long hours of maintenance

Styling this wig will take little to no time because of the high-quality material

Natural human hair used for a natural-looking wig

Available in a lot of different options for better customization


Some may find the price to be a little on the steep side

Final Verdict

Sometimes you just need a change. There are many ways to do this, from changing your style when it comes to the clothing you wear to trying a different makeup look. But another way is to try a new hairstyle, which doesn't necessarily mean getting a new cut.

Having a wide range of different hairstyle options is always helpful when you're trying to put together a look. In order to do this, you might choose to build up a good collection of high-quality wigs. The wigs discussed above use virgin human hair, which gives the user a more natural look and allows for easier styling and maintenance. Any of the options above will give the wearer a fresh look, and that always makes someone feel better.


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