Body Wave Human Hair Bundles - Blonde Color Human Hair Review

Good wigs and hair bundles can be hard to come by these days, and it can be difficult to find reliable, quality online retailers to supply wigs and other hair products. Luckily, My Nice Wigs comes to the rescue with their wide selection of human and synthetic wigs and bundles.

Today, we’re going to review the Blonde Body Wave human hair bundles, which are fabulously bouncy and silky smooth to the touch. They are also super affordable for human hair bundles, making them a great option for folks on a budget. Read on for the full review.

Body Wave Human Hair Bundles - Blonde Color Human Hair Review

Body Wave Human Hair Bundles - Blonde Color Human Hair

The rich color of these human hair bundles is resistant to fading, and the hair is free of both shedding and tangling. The bundles come in a natural blonde color, but they can easily be bleached, dyed, and restyled as you see fit, making them a super versatile option. They come in lengths ranging from 10 inches to 30 inches, are very soft, healthy, and are beautifully thick. What’s more, Body Wave human hair bundles are easy to comb and are supremely soft.

What’s Included?

You don’t really get much else with your purchase other than the Body Wave bundles themselves. They come securely packaged to ensure that they are not damaged or compromised during shipping, and they are ready to use right out of the box. We recommend you give them a good, thorough wash before you install them, though, to make sure that they are as clean and soft as possible.

Overview of Features

The first thing you will notice about the Body Wave blonde human hair bundles is just how silky smooth and shiny they are. Because they are made from real human hair, they are wonderfully healthy and blend seamlessly into the natural hair growing from your head. This makes them very easy to work with and also adds a level of versatility to them.

While these bundles do come in the Body Wave style, they can easily be straightened and restyled as you see fit, allowing them to act as fillers and extensions for all different hairstyles. Because they are blonde, you won’t really need to bleach them if you want to dye them a different color - the dye should take to the human hair quite nicely.

The waves are stunningly bouncy and voluptuous and are not stiff at all. They are full at the root and body and end in a beautiful, elegant curl at the end, giving them volume throughout the bundles that suit a variety of styles, not just the body wave.

The great thing about the Body Wave Blonde Human Hair Bundles is that, while they are in a very wavy and bouncy style, they are also super easy to straighten out if you would prefer to wear them straight or style them yourself. You can take your regular straightening iron to them, and because they are made from human hair, your iron will work the same as it would on your natural hair.

How to Use Them

The application process for the Body Wave Blonde Human Hair Bundles is exactly the same as the way you would install any other human hair bundles. You can use your preferred method or any method that works well for you.

If you are unsure of how to install hair bundles, consider referring to this video.


Very natural bounce

Silky smooth and soft

Exceptionally shiny

Quick and simple to style and shape

Easy to bleach and re-dye


May take several dying attempts when dying dark brown or black


If the blonde Body Wave bundles didn’t appeal to you, but you are still looking for a wavy and bouncy bundle, then you might consider Water Wave Human Hair Bundles, which are also from My Nice Wigs. They have a much denser and tighter curl than the Body Wave bundles and also come in a darker color. They are just as easy to install and work with, and offer a fantastically bouncy look and feel.

Or, if you’re a Plain Jane looking for something simple and versatile, you could consider the Straight Human Hair Bundles, which are precisely what they sound like - straight bundles made from human hair. These bundles are silky smooth and shiny and are anything but stiff. They provide a simple and elegant look.


The Blonde Body Wave Human Hair Bundles from My Nice Wigs are a fantastic option for anyone looking for bouncy, wavy blonde extensions that are easy to work with and highly versatile. They are super easy to install and retain their beautiful shine even after several washes, giving them a longevity that you don’t often see with human hair bundles.

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