Can You Straighten a Curly Human Hair Wig?

It isn't uncommon for you to want to change your wig as time passes. Fashion is constantly changing, and this includes the realm of hairstyles. Changing the color and style of your wig provides you with a completely different appearance. Therefore, if you own a curly human hair wig, you might wonder if it is possible to straighten it.

Can You Straighten a Curly Human Hair Wig?

Can You Straighten a Curly Human Hair Wig?

Yes, since your wig is made with human hair, it is possible to straighten it. However, to ensure your wig lasts for an extended time, it is recommended to follow specific steps when straightening your curly human hair wig. You will have a wig with straightened hair before you know it.

How Do I Straighten a Curly Human Hair Wig?

Preparation is critical when straightening your human hair wig. By doing proper preparation before you start the process of straightening your wig, you will minimize damage to your wig. Proper preparation also makes the hair much easier to work with, and you'll save time by doing sufficient preparation. Start by placing your wig on a wig head and use long needle pins to secure it.

A Styrofoam wig head is the best. Securing the wig to your wig head is vital to avoid the wig from sliding off while you are working on it. If you are working with hot elements such as a flat iron or a steamer, you don't want the hair sliding around because you could get hurt or damage your furniture.

Now you can proceed to spray a serum for heat protection to the entire wig. Following that, you should comb through all the hair so that it is not tangled. Now that your wig is prepared for straightening, you have three options.

A flat iron is a heated method that you can use.

A steamer is another heated method that can give you straightened hair.

You can use a method that doesn't require heat. Instead, you use a wrapping method.

How Do I Straighten My Wig Using a Flat Iron?

You can straighten your wig with a flat iron in three simple steps.

Turn your flat iron on and put a pair of heat-resistant gloves on. These are important since your flat iron and the hair you are using the flat iron on will become quite hot and can burn your skin.

Start with small sections of the wig, running your flat iron from the top to the bottom of the hair. Repeat this process until the hair is as straight as you want it.

Work your way through the rest of the wig using your flat iron section by section until you have completed all the areas on your wig. You will need some patience as this process can be pretty slow.

How Do I Straighten My Curly Wig With a Steamer?

It is simple to straighten your curly wig in only three steps.

Brush the hair and section it, using hair clips to keep the top hair out of the way as you will focus on the hair at the bottom first.

Hold the bottom hair tightly and switch your steamer on.

Once you have completed steaming the bottom hair, you can repeat the process with the hair on the top of the wig.

Repeat the process by unclipping other parts of the wig until you have steamed the entire wig.

If you don't have a steamer, you can use a hairdryer, too. However, you need to be careful of the heat you choose on your hairdryer because high-heat exposure can damage your wig. Also, if you are attempting this method with a hairdryer, be careful not to put the nozzle of your hairdryer on the hair as it will damage your wig.

How Do I Straighten My Curly Wig Without Heat?

This process is only effective if you have a short curly wig. However, it is an excellent way to straighten the hair because there is no harm or damage to the hair that the heated methods could cause. It does require a bit more time than the previous two methods because the wig needs to air dry completely.

Brush the hair and split it down the middle of the wig.

Spray water on the entire wig and wrap it in small sections.

Flip sections back on the opposite side and wrap them around the back of the wig. It would be best if you used bobby pins to keep it all in place. Repeat the process with another section until the entire wig has been completed.

Wait for the wig to air dry. Then, remove all the pins only after it is completely dry.


Changing your look by straightening your curly hair wig is easy and exciting. Celebrate a special event with a new look that will surprise your guests.

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