Can You Straighten a Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are made from plastic, which is concerning to a lot of people when straightening them. Unlike natural hair, applying heat to plastic can burn or singe it, causing damage. However, there are ways of straightening synthetic wigs safely without the risk of injuring yourself or damaging the wig.

There is a misconception that synthetic wigs are somehow inferior to real human hair. Both types of wigs have their strengths and should be approached differently when styling, though this will result in many of the same outcomes. Synthetics wigs are great for their relatively lower cost and low cost of maintenance.

Straightening synthetic wigs is possible but can end up damaging the wig in the process. Before deciding to straighten your wig, you should consider other options.

Can You Straighten a Synthetic Wig

1. Buy a Straight Wig

If you like wearing wigs with different textures, be it wavy, curly, or straight, consider getting different wigs for different occasions. You can also get them at different lengths depending on your tastes. These will save you the time and the potential damage you can get when trying to fix your wigs.

2. Getting Multiple Wigs

While the upfront cost may be higher, having multiple wigs to alternate will, in the long run, save you more as their lifespans will be extended. The cost will be significantly lower than the cost of replacing the wigs when they wear out from heating and regular use.

3. Buying Styled Wigs

Wigs have what is referred to as "style memory", which means that whatever style the shape the fibers are made into will persist for a long time. So the style of the wig is still valid for the duration of the lifespan of the wig. This makes them quite versatile, especially when you have a proper wig collection, as you have a style for each occasion.

The style is maintained even after the wig has been washed several times. However, upon applying heat to the wig, the style is ruined in favor of another. This ruins the initial styling, to which changing back will mean having to use heat again, which would risk further damage to the wig.

Instead of styling, you should get two different wigs that will retain their style in pristine condition and can be used whenever needed.

How to Straighten Synthetic Wigs

Straightening synthetic wigs is possible through low heat application methods. These techniques are delicate as they could end up damaging the wig instead of straightening it. Here are some ways you can straighten your wig.

"Bathe" Your Synthetic Wig

  • Put the wig on a wig stand and comb it to remove any knots and tangles on the wig itself.
  • While the wig is on the stand, take it and place it in your bathtub.
  • Put water in a large pot and heat it to about 180F/82C. The temperature is very important as higher temperatures will be damaging to the synthetic fibers of the wig.
  • Take the pot of hot water and slowly pour it over the wig.
  • Repeat the steps of boiling the water and pouring it on the wig about three to five times.
  • Apply some conditioner on the wig and gently comb it to eliminate all of the tangles.
  • Let the wig air dry. After which, you will notice the wig is straighter than when compared to what it was previously.

Steam Your Synthetic Wig

  • Put your wig on a wig stand and use a wig brush to rid the tangles that may be on your wig. As you're brushing the wig, turn on your handheld steamer.
  • When the handheld steamer is hot and ready, you are ready to start the straightening process. With a brush in one hand and a steamer in the other, gently comb through sections of your hair with a steamer right close behind it.
  • Ensure you do not hold the steamer on the wig for too long, as this might damage the wig's fibers.
  • Go over each section of the wig with the steamer. Repeat the process until the texture wig is straight enough for your liking.
  • Once you are done, allow the wig to air dry.
  • Once dry, apply some conditioner and comb it to give it a nice sheen. Do this until you're satisfied with the result.


Synthetic wigs can be versatile as their styling is longer lasting, making them very useful, especially when you have multiple wigs to choose from. However, using heat, you can restyle your wig and get more out of it. Just remember that, in doing so, you risk damaging the wig and changing the style of the wig irreversibly.

Using heat to straighten wigs is good for personalizing styles that can at times feel mass-produced and bland. However, if there is an option of getting multiple wigs with different styling, that choice could be better overall when compared to the alternative.


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