How to Clean a Lace Closure

For the umpteenth time, someone is telling you how gorgeous you look, and it’s all thanks to that dazzling lace closure wig you just acquired. Certain hairstyles have a way of giving us the perfect look, so of course, we don’t want our lace closure wigs to get dirty or become unusable anytime soon.

What can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? It is important that you know the best way to clean your lace closure wigs to ensure that they last longer and always appear as good as new. In this article, we will be providing essential instructions on how to clean a lace closure wig effectively.

What You Need to Clean a Lace Closure Wig

Here is a list of things you should have when you want to clean a lace closure wig:

  • Adhesive Remover: An alcohol-based adhesive remover is advised because it helps to completely remove oily residue from the lace.
  • Mild Shampoo: A mild shampoo is not too harsh and not too soft, so it is quite suitable for all types of lace closure wigs without risk of damage.
  • Conditioner
  • Washing liquid
  • Container for soaking your lace wig
  • Warm water
  • Sponge swab/cotton pad
  • Comb

How to Clean a Lace Closure Wig

Here are the quick and easy steps to cleaning your lace closure wig to make it look shiny and new again.


To prepare the lace closure wig before dipping it in water or getting it wet, you need to use a comb to disentangle the wig. The best way to do this is by combing from the hair edges back to the root to prevent breakage.


The next step aims to remove the adhesive and all its residue on the lace closure wig. To achieve this, a suitable adhesive remover (preferably alcohol-based) is added to warm or cool water, and the lace closure wig is soaked inside this solution for about two hours. Soaking makes it easy to peel all the adhesives on the lace closure wig without any hassle.

Rinsing and washing

After complete removal of any adhesive and oily residue on the lace closure wig, the next step is to rinse adequately and wash with washing liquid. This is to ensure that you don’t have any adhesive or foreign material in your lace closure wig. After washing with washing liquid, rinse thoroughly with warm water (not hot). Next, allow the water to drain and prepare to shampoo the wig.


Many people are familiar with this part. It is important to meticulously go through the previous steps before applying shampoo products to your lace closure wig. As mentioned before, a mild shampoo should be selected for this purpose so as not to offset the chemical balance of the lace closure wig. Do not scrub or rub repeatedly while shampooing, as this can damage the wig. Just rinse properly with cool water to remove the shampoo and gently blot the wig with a soft towel.


Dab the conditioner lightly on the wig and leave it to set for some time. Most conditioners contain instructions on how to use them and how long to let them set. After allowing it to set, rinse the wig thoroughly, ensuring that all traces of the conditioner are removed completely.


Finally, dry the wig by blotting it gently with a soft towel. Avoid using a blow dryer when the wig is still wet, and do not brush it. You can style your lace closure wig however you like once it is no longer wet.

General Cleaning Tips

Below are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning your lace closure wig.

Brush gently: When brushing your lace closure wig, ensure to do so gently so that you don’t damage the strands. Also, avoid brushing your wig when it is wet.

Don’t expose your lace closure wig to high temperature: Exposure to high temperature increases the risk of damaging the wig. That is why hot water is not advised when cleaning your lace closure wig.

Use appropriate products: It is crucial to use approved products for your lace closure wig to preserve the quality of the wig for longer.

Ask your stylist anytime you are in doubt: If you are unsure of anything and don’t want to ruin your lace closure wig, you can always ask your stylist. Your stylist is more experienced and can inform you about the right products for your lace closure wigs and the best ways you can style and tend to them.

Avoid scratching your wig: Scratching with your fingernails can cause significant damage to your lace closure wig, so you should avoid doing that.

Use a wig stand: When you are not wearing your wig, put it on a stand to avoid getting the wig tangled and messy.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it - everything you need to know on how to clean a lace closure. We hope that this has helped you and that your wig will be looking gorgeous again in no time.

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