How to Install a Lace Closure Wig

When it comes to the wigs we use, we all aim to achieve a natural look. No one wants their weaves to be conspicuous or easily spotted. A common mistake people make when trying to weave their wigs properly is to apply heat. However, this isn't the right approach since it causes damage to your regular hair. Now, thanks to lace closure wigs, it is much easier for people to get that natural-looking hairline.

How to Install a Lace Closure Wig

What is a Lace Closure Wig?

A lace closure is a small lace square that is often sized to be 4 x 4 inches. Wig wearers can use lace closures to achieve that natural look.

How Do I install a Lace Closure Wig?

Phase 1: Installing the cap

The first part of the installation process is installing the cap. This needs to be done correctly to ensure that your closure looks natural and falls perfectly on your hairline. You can install the cap easily by following these five steps.

1. Wash your hair

It is important to wash your hair before you begin because you will wear your closure for a considerate amount of time. You need to ensure that your scalp is clean. After you have washed your hair, allow it to dry completely.

2. Cornrow your hair

Decide where you'd like your style to be separated and part the hair there. Then, cornrow your hair while keeping the interlaces tiny, as this will help the closure run with your hairline.

3. Put a square of weaving net on the spot

The net you choose should be coordinated with your hair tone. Although closures are 4 x 4 inches, you can adjust the size based on the size of your head. In addition, you can use a hair net to help you keep the hair that won't be in contact with the closure out of the way.

4. Sew your netting to the cornrow you have created

You will need a bent needle and thick, strong string. Beginning from the back, stitch slowly and consistently, working your way to the front. Keep your stitches small and neat.

5. Tie the string and cut it off

To tie your netting off properly, you should run your needle through the netting a few times when you get back to the first stitch you made. After you have done this, you can cut the string.

Phase 2: Sewing your lace closure

Now that you have successfully installed the cap, you can move on to the second phase, sewing the lace closure onto the netting. You can do this by following these steps.

1. Place your lace closure on the cornrow

The lace closure should run level with your hair, and there should be no gaps or holes between your lace closure and your natural hair.

2. Start by sewing the left of the lace closure to the cornrow while carefully following your hairline

You must put your bent needle through the cornrow, netting, and the lace. You can repeat this process to reinforce the sewing process of the lace closure to the netting and cornrow.

3. While using a different needle, start sewing the right side of the closure

You'll need to match the stitching of the left side of the closure for a solid attachment. Then, you can work your way slowly and make a straight line behind the front section of the closure.

4. Start sewing the front of your lace closure

You can start sewing the left half of your closure until you get to the straight line and then repeat the process on the right side until the two sides meet.

5. Start stitching along all sides of the closure

It would be best to stitch from the left half of your lace closure ending at the back. Then you can repeat this process on the right side. When both are done, you can round up all the strings and remove any leftover pieces.

6. Clip your hair onto your lace closure

Gently secure the hair with a clasp on your lace closure.

Phase 3: Sewing the wefts

The last step you need to complete before you can embrace your new head of hair is stitching in the wefts. You can do this in a few simple steps.

  • Use a bent needle to keep a weft in place on your cornrow.
  • While holding the weft to the left, pull the needle through the weft and cornrow.
  • Push the needle down so that it runs through the weft and up the cornrow.
  • It would be best if you continued to sew until you reached your right ear.
  • Hold the weft to the left and continue sewing.
  • Now you can sew the weft to the plaits that run across the top of your head.
  • When you get to the last weft, fasten it over the edge of the lace closure.


It is possible to get the hair of your dreams with the help of your lace closure wig and patience. So treat yourself to a new look today.

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