How to Put on a Wig with Long Hair

Wigs are just good plain fun. Wigs offer unmatched versatility, given the variety of products available. The combination possibilities of different styles and colours is limitless. Regardless of how long your hair is, you can definitely add wigs to your stylings.

If you have already tried putting on a wig, you know it's always easier when you have short hair. Longer hair is notoriously difficult to style with a wig. Luckily, we can help through some instructions on how you can pull off a wig regardless of the length of your hair.

Wig with Long Hair

Here is How You Can Put on a Wig Using the Plait Method

Cleaning and Brushing Your Hair

People who wear wigs tend to have dry hair. As such, you are encouraged to clean and cleanse your hair before putting on a wig. You should use a deep conditioner to ensure it is well moisturized before putting on the wig. You should also ensure you brush your hair to eliminate all the knots and tangles before wearing the wig.

Braid Your Hair

In learning how to put on a wig with long hair, you're going to have to learn how to braid your hair. Divide your hair into two parts, and braid both sides. A classic plait is good enough, but for more security, you should probably go with the French plait.

For those with particularly thick hair, divide your hair into four parts instead of two. You should start braiding from the nape of your neck. The objective is to get the hair to surround your head as opposed to spiking out.

Wrap Your Braids

Make sure your braids are carefully wrapped around your head, sort of like a crown. Make sure the braids do not settle close to your hairline; otherwise, they will show at the front of your wig. When you are satisfied with the placement, feel free to secure them using bobby pins.

Put on a Wig Cap

Pick out your favorite wig cap; any wig cap is fine as long as it fits. Make sure the wig cap is aligned with your hairline so that it covers all of your hair without exposing the braids. Once satisfied with the placement, secure them with bobby pins for safety.

Put on Your Wig

Once you are happy with how you have secured the placement of your beautiful locks, pick out your favorite wig and place it on your head. Make sure the wig is aligned with your hairline and style it to your liking.

Use bobby pins to secure your wig. Ensure the bobby pins match or complement the color of your wig so as not to ruin the style you were going for. You can also use products like wig tape to secure your wig to your head.

How to Use the Pony Method

Alternatively, instead of using braids to neatly keep your hair together, you can use the ponytail method. All you need for this method is a wig, a hairband, and a wig cap.

Clean Your Hair

When hair is in a wig for a long time, it could suffer from drying up. Ensure you clean your hair using deep conditioners if possible. You should also make sure you clean the wig before putting it on. All this is to ensure that your hair is as healthy as can be in the long run.

Tie Your Hair into a Ponytail

Put all your natural hair up in a ponytail. Make sure the ponytail is as low and as tight as possible without becoming uncomfortable.

Take the ponytail end and put it over your head so that your hair is nearly touching your forehead. Make sure the hair is as tightly held against your head as close as possible.

Place Your Wig Cap On

Using this method, the trick is to put the wig on while keeping it as smooth as possible. Take a wig cap of your choosing and gently place it on your head with the end of the ponytail as the beginning. With the ponytail as the anchor, pull the cap over your head, stretching the mesh over your face.

Keep the stray hairs inside the cap by putting a finger underneath the edges of the cap and pushing them inside. The ponytail is likely to be lumpy, so make sure you even it out underneath the wig for a non-lopsided look.

Put on Your Wig

Turn the wig upside down, then put your forehead in first, pulling the rest of the wig back. You will notice your wig has a flap at the back of it. Use the flap over the base of the ponytail to pull the wig backwards. This should help secure the wig onto your head.

Adjust Further and Secure Your Wig

Tug gently on the sides of the wig to ensure the wig is settled properly and is comfortably in place. Make sure you adjust it in a way that the wig aligns with your hairline. This helps give the wig the natural look that you are going for.

When comfortable, use bobby pins or other products like wig tape to make sure the wig is held in place.


Wearing a wig cap is completely optional. However, if you have long hair it is advisable in order to achieve a much more natural look. Make sure the wig cap is the same color as your wig to better enhance the natural look.

Wigs are a lot of fun and there does not have to be a compromise between having long hair and enjoying all the benefits that wigs have to offer.

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