How to Style Bob Wigs with Bangs

Long hairstyles look great but they are terrible for keeping cool in the summer. Here comes the bob wig, which is shorter and more comfortable in the summer months. All this without sacrificing the style that comes with the look.

The popularity of bob wigs can also be attributed to the versatility you get, given the fact that there is practically every style of bob available. The short design allows for the look to be a lot more convenient, as it is appropriate in any entertainment spot as well as a boardroom, making it popular across all demographics.

Like with all wigs, many people have concerns over whether their wigs may have an unnatural look to them, so here are some tips on how you can get your bob wig looking as natural as can be.

Bob wigs that are too "perfect" give an unnatural look. As such, some choppiness is necessary if you want to have a more authentic look. Luckily, there are products you can use to achieve this more authentic style.

Spraying gel on synthetic hair can help you style it accordingly to match your intended aesthetic. You can also use styling gel that can create a parted section in your hair for added versatility. Aloe vera oil has also proven to be a great alternative to over-the-counter products when it comes to styling your hair.

Pinterest is your friend

Given the collection of interesting ideas contributed by millions of people across the globe, there ought to be something for you. There are multiple ideas available to inspire you; do not be afraid of experimenting. For people used to short bob wigs, try out some longer ones. You will be surprised with what you will find works for you.

If you have a bob wig made from human hair, using creams to style your hair should be a priority. “Bedhead” creams can be great to add more versatility to your stylings, giving you just the look you envisioned in your head.

You do not have to break the bank buying overly expensive products, as regular old aloe vera does the trick just fine. Make the look your own and do not be afraid to experiment. This will give a more authentic feel as opposed to a generic cookie-cutter look.

Give your hair dimension

When wearing a wig, you may get an unnatural look that comes from your hair looking like it's an all-smooth cap. This can be rectified by pulling some of the hair from the sides of your head to give your head more dimension.

Pull the hair from the sides of the head and smooth them down using some gel. Apply this method particularly to the temples, where the hair lies comfortably. Along with the ear tabs, this makes the look a lot more authentic. Make sure you have just enough gel so the hair does not become stiff. Do not use spray on top of the gel in order to maintain nice natural movement.

Wigs often become too stiff, giving off an unnatural vibe. When your wig becomes too stiff, this is often an indicator that you need to wash it. Ideally, your wig should be washed about every 7-10 wearings, if you wear the wig all day long.

You have the option of having your wig cleaned and styled at your salon about every 10-15 wearings, depending on the season and the type of fiber used in making your wig.

Having the versatility of a bob wig, particularly with bangs, means you do not have to limit yourself to what looks natural. Bob wigs should have you embrace aesthetically-challenging ideas.

Here are some ways to change up your bob wigs with bangs:

Neat Bang Bob Wig

Using the neat bang bob wig, you can achieve an elegant, smooth effect that compliments people with rounder faces. The style is perfect for those wanting to achieve a sweet young girl look, particularly in a pink or purple color. The hair can go as low as the cheeks, offering more decoration to the girl's face.

Messy and Natural Perm Radian

Using a comb, you can make delicate changes to the bob wig, giving a more temperamental air that makes it look more natural. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, you can make it as campy as you want. This allows you to take advantage of the versatility of the bob wig to create a look that matches your vision.

Brenna by Rene of Paris

This is a classic look that is styled by having long side fringes and soft face-framing tendrils. This can be modified with bangs, with the tendrils close to the head and tucked behind the ears.

You also have the option of combing it to the front or back to give a bit more texture and movement.


Wigs with bangs have been a staple in hair styling for decades now. Part of their popularity is the versatility in the aesthetic of the look. You can style them ever so slightly with remarkable results.

The look is a classic which makes it welcoming to all people, including those not willing to be too radical in their styling.

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