Loose Wave Human Hair Bundles Review

We all know just how much a set of bundles can completely change and improve a hairstyle. Even just one or two bundles are able to enhance your natural hair, add volume, and extend its length to provide that luxurious, elegant feel that we all crave.

My Nice Wigs is a fairly new company that aims to provide high-quality wigs and bundles at budget-friendly prices. In this article, we’re going to review their Loose Wave human hair bundles. These bundles are silky smooth, wonderfully shiny, and have a decent wave without being too curly. Read on for the full review.

Loose Wave Human Hair Bundles

The Loose Wave Bundles from My Nice Wigs are a virgin human hair weave that does not have any shedding and is resistant to tangling, which you don’t often see from budget-friendly wigs. They can easily be bleached and restyled as you see fit, making them fantastically versatile and easy to adjust to your personal taste and style.

The bundles come in lengths ranging between 8 inches and 28 inches. They are super soft, thick, and healthy, and what’s more, they are incredibly easy to comb through.

What’s Included?

Like almost all of the other wigs and bundles available from My Nice Wigs, you don’t receive anything else with your purchase of the Loose Wave bundles other than the bundles themselves.

They come very neatly and securely packaged to ensure that they are not compromised or damaged during the shipping process, and they can be used straight from the box.

However, we do recommend that you wash the bundles before you install them so that you can make sure that they are as clean and smooth as possible before applying them to your head.

Overview of Features

The most striking feature about the Loose Wave bundles from My Nice Wigs is how bouncy they are. They don’t have a very harsh curl but are still slightly wavy, which allows them to blend into straight hair seamlessly, giving it some additional volume and bounce. The bundles are very shiny and healthy, and they maintain this shine even after you wash them several times.

Even though these bundles do come pre-styled with a bit of curve, you can very easily straighten them using your straightening iron to allow them to blend into straight hair. Because they are made from human hair, they work with the iron the same way your natural hair would, so you can use all of the same straightening techniques you would on your normal hair to straighten these bundles.

This also means that they react the same way to hair dye that your natural hair would. If you plan on dying the Loose Wave hair bundles a bright color, you will want to bleach them first, the same way you would with the hair on your head. The process will, of course, be much easier since you’ll be able to cover every inch of the bundles with dye.

The curls on these bundles are quite loose near the root and become tighter the closer you get to the end of the hair. This gives them a beautiful bounce and some great volume, and with a little bit of teasing and combing, you can get them to be even more voluminous.

How to Use Them

The application process for the Body Wave Blonde Human Hair Bundles is exactly the same as the way you would install any other human hair bundles. You can use your preferred method or any method that works well for you.

If you are unsure of how to install hair bundles, consider referring to this video.


Easy to straighten

Can be dyed and recolored

Adds lots of volume

Silky smooth and soft

Very shiny and sleek


Must be bleached when dying a lighter color


If you are not looking for a wavy or curly bundle style, then you could try the Straight Human Hair bundles from My Nice Wigs. They are exactly what it says on the box - straight bundles that are made from human hair. They are ridiculously smooth and shiny and have absolutely no stiffness, giving you that elegant and glamorous feel that many women seek.

Or, if you’d like to go lighter but still want to keep things wavy, you could opt for the My Nice Wigs Blonde Body Wave Human Hair bundles. As the name suggests, they are a set of bundles with a body wave style. They are super bouncy, shiny, and come to a cute single curl at the end.


My Nice Wigs is set to take over the wig and bundle industry with its high-quality products and affordable prices. If you are looking for high-quality wigs and bundles, we highly recommend purchasing one of their products.

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